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Love in the Time of Cholera (2007)

Director / Mike Newell
Javier Bardem as Florentino Ariza
Unax Ugalde as young Florentino
Giovanna Mezzogiorno as Fermina Urbino
Benjamin Bratt as Dr. Juvenal Urbino
Liev Schreiber as Lotario Thugut
John Leguizamo as Lorenzo Daza
Hector Elizondo as Don Leo
In Colombia just after the Great War, an old man falls from a ladder; dying, he professes great love for his wife. After the funeral, a man calls on the widow - she dismisses him angrily. Flash back more than 50 years to the day Florentino Ariza, a telegraph boy, falls in love with Fermina Daza, the daughter of a mule trader. Ariza is persistent, writing her constantly, serenading, speaking poetically of love. Her father tries to keep them apart, and then, one day, she sees this love as an illusion. She's soon married to Urbino, a cultured physician, and for years, Ariza carries a torch, finding solace in the arms of women, loving none. After Urbino's fall, are Ariza's hopes delusional?
very strong
but I think the book much better

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