четверг, 28 июня 2012 г.

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998)

Director / Guy Ritchie
 Nick Moran as Eddy
Jason Statham as Bacon
Jason Flemyng as Tom
Dexter Fletcher as Soap
Sting as JD
Vinnie Jones as Big Chris
«They lost half a million at cards
but they've still got a few tricks up their sleeve»

воскресенье, 17 июня 2012 г.


come dance with me cause now we're free to love
love, love, love, love...

hot time in siberia

my summer from phone

beauty people

Charlize Theron, Chris Hemsworth, Sam Claflin and Kristen Stewart

Snow White and the Huntsman (2012)

Director / Rupert Sanders
Kristen Stewart as Snow White
Chris Hemsworth as The Huntsman
Charlize Theron as Ravenna
Sam Claflin as William
 very interesting interpretation of fairy tales
I like that style, beauty gothic time, stylish costumes...
Charlize is unmatched!
and Chris.... call me! )))